Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Raging Grannies, Worst Song Parodists EVER, "Get Their Due" at Canada's "Human Rights" Mausoluem

Lucky for the daft old biddies that they're on/of the left because there's no way they'd get any attention at all were they, say, raging Tories.

As for their dreadful song parodies...well, this one, the work of the Frisco branch and sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques," is more or less typical:
Pass the deal …Pass the deal
With Iran …With Iran
Diplomacy is better
Diplomacy is better
Than a war … Than a war
We don’t want no ..We don’t want no
Stinking war….Stinking war
Pass the deal already
Pass the deal already
Hear us roar …Hear us roar
Other nations,
Learn-ed experts
They all say
They all say
By far the better option,
By far the better option,
please vote yae, please vote yae


Marvin said...

Have you no sympathy for them?

Why aren't you questioning why there isn't more funding into senile dementia research to help people like these?

scaramouche said...

Senility is no excuse for bad lyrics. ;)