Friday, May 26, 2017

Robert Lantos Shines a Light On the Perfidy of Anti-Israel "Progressives"

The National Post prints the speech Lantos delivered at last week's Toronto Wiesenthal do. I was fortunate enough to hear it in person (a friend gave us tickets), and was high-fiving it all the way through. I especially liked this bit:
The so-called progressives who denounce Israel are unfazed by the jailing of dissenters in Iran, oblivious to the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia, blind to the incarceration and torture of gay men in Qatar, accepting of widespread female genital mutilation and unperturbed by the persecution of Christians in several Islamic countries. Their single fixation is on the Jewish state, a country whose laws treat all citizens equally, regardless of gender or religion and guarantee them education, healthcare and civil liberties. A country where freedom of expression is sacred. 
Many progressives are singularly fixed on criticizing the Jewish state, a country that treats all citizens equally and guarantee their civil liberties 
It is time to stop kidding ourselves and to call all those with such selective social conscience the anti-Semites we all know they are. Hitler and the Nazis were vanquished but Jew hatred was not. It has found renewed vigour in an unholy partnership between  the jihadists and the proverbial useful idiots, who hide under the progressive mantle.
No doubt there were a few progressive-minded Jews in the crowd of over 2,000 who bristled at these words (Wiesenthal being in the "tolerance" business, and attracting some leftists on that basis). But that made hearing them so much more delicious than the meal (which was chicken, a tad dry, in case you were wondering).

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