Friday, May 26, 2017

Muslim Writer Performs Deft Jihadectomy In the Ottawa Citizen

Dude wants us to believe that non-specific "extremism" (and not those specifically heeding the jihad imperative embedded in Islam's core religious texts) is what plagues us:
The FLQ, the KKK, ISIL. They're all the same: terrorists motivated by socio-political goals, not spiritual aspirations. Militants, not men of faith.
So our real enemy, plain and simple, is not Islam, rather it's the extreme-leaning people of all backgrounds. And it's ignorance that breeds them...
Here's the truth of it: Islam's founder was both a militant and a man of faith (who married the two together when he invented the concept of jihad--"holy war"--i.e. sacralized combat). A man motivated both by socio-political goals and by spiritual aspirations. And the jihadis of today, the ones blowing up little girls in Manchester, are inspired to act by his "perfect" example.

That being so, our real enemy, plain and simple, is the ignorance of infidels who know nothing about Islam, who therefore presume that it's more or less the same as Judaism and Christianity, and who fall for this fellow's comforting claptrap.

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