Friday, May 5, 2017

While We Were Sleeping, Or Fretting About Being Called "Racist," the Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Local Public Schools

It's bad enough that there's a mosqueteria in a Toronto public school. One learns today via the Toronto Sun's Farzana Hassan that local public schools also host Muslim Student Association Clubs (and the MSA, FYI, is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood):
Some Muslim Student Association clubs, for example, discuss what is haram lifestyle and may openly disapprove of keeping dogs as pets, or dressing and eating in ways other families may consider normal. 
They say that some children are questioning the lifestyle of any peers not subscribing to their religion, and that some children are even coerced to attend MSAs. If true, this does not foster the inclusive and respectful behavior which is a core value that school boards across Canada swear to uphold. 
Naturally, the dress issue comes down to decency. How does a discussion at a religious club about women needing to dress "modestly" then play out for club members when they see other girls wearing low necklines and hot pants? Perhaps there is a subconscious bias towards those girls simply for what they choose to wear.
Perhaps there's a bias against girls who defy the Muslim Brotherhood dress code?


I think it's a pretty safe bet that there's a bias against them.

But perhaps that's just a function of my bias--the fact that I don't think the Muslim Brotherhood or any of its affiliates have any place in our public schools.

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