Friday, May 12, 2017

Israel Told to Shut Up and Let Trump Do His "Peace" Deal

This makes me very queasy:
Washington’s newly appointed Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has recently told Israeli diplomats that US President Donald Trump is intent on reaching a peace deal, and has urged them to cooperate and aid the president in his endeavor, Haaretz reported Friday.
An Israeli government source told the newspaper that Friedman claimed Trump’s enthusiasm for relaunching the peace process presented a great opportunity for the Jewish state, and advised officials to avoid confrontation with the president over the matter. 
However, Friedman has also advised Trump that the prospects of achieving peace at present are low, two people who spoke with the envoy told Haaretz. 
“People whose opinion he values have told him it will be very difficult, perhaps even impossible, but he has so far not changed his mind,” one recounted. 
Why would he (change his mind)? He's a brilliant strategist who supposedly perfected "the art of the deal," so he can "solve" anything, right? 😏

Update: Memo to Trump: Arabs Still a Long Way From Accepting Israel

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