Saturday, February 20, 2010

Babsy Blows It

In yesterday's National Post, Babsy Hall, Ontario's head Commissar, defended her cozy sinecure in the face of reasoned opposition:
Ian Hunter asks, "Why are human rights commissions allowed to undermine fundamental human rights?" The short answer: They can't and they don't. Legislatures make the laws that create and guide the commissions; the commissions carry out their mandates under the law. All of the decisions are subject to review from the courts and, ultimately, the legislatures have the power -and responsibility -- to change the laws as required.
A better question is "Why are human rights commissions and tribunals still needed?" One answer appeared in the same edition of the National Post, with the story, "Rights Tribunal awards $25,000 for racial slurs in workplace." Discrimination and abuse are still with us and must be dealt with effectively. Human rights commissions and tribunals are doing that job.
Yes, because if Miss Manners isn't around to micromanage us to within a millimeter of our lives, why, we might take it into our heads to act like grown ups and do whatever dangfool thing we please--maybe even (quel horreur!) let rip with the occasional Archie Bunker-like "racial slur". And that would never do in (cue the Twilight Zone music) Pierre's Trudeaupia, the Dominion of Virtue, the "nicest" doggone country in the world.

How hilarious is it that, instead of making a case for how much we need the totalitarian busybodies to interfere in our daily lives, Babsy has ended up doing precisely the opposite?


Blazingcatfur said...

Babs is a glutton for punishment

Don Sharpe said...

Barbara Hall says, "Please pass the platter, I'll have a another heaping helping of scorn, with a side of contempt."

Unknown said...

I think it is the taxpayer gravy Babs is really a glutton for.

Anonymous said...

Babs, if your raison d'etre is to prevent hate mongering it would appear you have triggered some serious monging of hate... what is up with that? Follow up question - how do you get a cushy job like yours? It must be so satisfying getting paid a six figure income for being preachy, vindictive and relentlessly irrational