Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adam Carolla Cracks Wry and Wise About Obama's Ginned Up Class War

From Brian Bolduc's funny piece in The Corner:
Were Carolla to design the tax system, “you should get one vote for every $10,000 you pay in taxes,” he says. “That would make it interesting.” Currently, President Obama “doesn’t give a rat’s a** about who’s rich or who’s poor,” he says. “Somebody just told him: ‘It’s pretty easy: What percentage of people voting make over $250,000 and what percentage of them make less than that?’ Well, 95 percent make under that, so guess what the theme of this speech is going to be? Not how lazy the other 95 percent are.”

“Bill Gates gets one vote, and so does my mom,” Carolla says. “It doesn’t matter how much you put in or how hard you work, you get one vote.” And your neighbor, if he makes less than you, is likely to vote someone into office who promises him your money.

“That’s a wonderful democracy, isn’t it?”
Geithner says he'll likely be calling it quits. Hey, Obama, how about giving Carolla his gig?

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