Sunday, January 22, 2012

Human Rights Watch's Roth Is Seriously Out to Lunch

Unlike, say, Gingrich, the head of Human Rights Watch, a huge clueless dhimmi/useful idiot, "gets" sharia (and democracy) not at all:
NEW YORK – A leading human rights group has urged Western countries to overcome their anti-Islamists’ sentiments and respect the people’s choice for new Islamist governments in the Arab Spring elections in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

"The international community must . . . come to terms with political Islam when it represents a majority preference," Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in the group's annual report issued on Sunday, January 22.

"Islamist parties are genuinely popular in much of the Arab world, in part because many Arabs have come to see political Islam as the antithesis of autocratic rule."

Focusing on the Arab Spring pro-democracy uprisings, HRW's 690-page report on human rights abuses worldwide has shown it is vital for the West to end its policy of backing "an array of Arab autocrats" in exchange for supporting Western interests.

The report also focused on supporting elected groups in North Africa and the Middle East and encouraging them to respect basic rights.

“Rights-respecting governments should support international justice regardless of political considerations.

It’s misguided to believe that allowing countries to sweep past abuses under the rug will somehow avoid encouraging future atrocities,” Roth said.

"Wherever Islam-inspired governments emerge, the international community should focus on encouraging, and if need be pressuring, them to respect basic rights - just as the Christian-labeled parties and governments of Europe are expected to do," he added in the introduction to the report...
Um, he does know that Islam-inspired Muslims in "Arab Spring" lands are killing off their Christians as fast as they can, doesn't he?

Doesn't he?


Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, he probably knows, but Jews and Christians don't really count as fully human in northern Africa and the Middle East, hence their plight falls outside the purview of _Human_ Rights Watch.

scaramouche said...

By helping enable the sharia agenda, HRW epitmoizes the perversion--and perversity--of "human rights" in our era.