Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get 'Em While They're Young

And, preferably, while they're in jail:
A third of inmates at one of Britain’s most notorious youth jails are Muslims and the religion is attracting a large number of converts.
There are 229 Muslims out of a total of 686 youngsters detained at Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution in West London, according to Ministry of Justice figures.

There are now so many worshippers at Friday prayers that they have to be split between Feltham’s mosque and its gym.

Sources claim that converts are attracted by the chance of better food and a more comfortable regime. But there are also fears that some are being radicalised...
A mosque in a gym? What a great idea!


Carlos Perera said...

While one might be tempted to dismiss the significance of these prison conversions for convenience's sake, an old Latin aphorism in Catholicism is, "_Lex orandi, lex credendi_," literally, "Law of prayer, law of belief." The world is full of devout believers whose ancestors converted to their religion for the sake of expediency. In the Biblical history of Judaism, for example, the Gibeonites are (reluctantly) incorporated, as despised "hewers of wood and drawers of water," into the body politic of Israel during the times of Joshua, yet, by the time of Esdras, their descendants are full-fledged members of the faith community.

I wouldn't be too surprised to read, in a couple of years, of the jihadi exploits of remarkably Saxon-looking "warriors of the faith."

scaramouche said...

Fair-haired, blue-eyed jihadis--what a great way to both foil and cast aspersions on so-called "racial profiling".