Monday, January 23, 2012

Old MacDonald Has a Firm, CB, CBC

Ceeb "deep thinker" Neil MacDonald "explains" the American political scene. In so doing, he tells us far more about his and the Ceeb's P.O.V. than he does about his purported subject:
This country's political discourse is angry and discordant, like a malfunctioning television left on at full volume. 
It's soaked with religion and race, and it obsesses over trivialities — are Muslims bringing Shariah law to America? — while ignoring matters of real importance. (I have yet to hear any serious public discussion of the unravelling euro, and whether that contagion will spread to America.)
That's the Ceeb (and the leftist mindset in general) for you: minimize genuine threats ("bringing Sharia law to America," America's stratospheric debt and Obama's spendaholic ways) and maximize faux threats (Rush Limbaugh, Canadian oil pipelines, Republicans, "angry" "racists" who cling to their guns and religion).

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