Friday, January 20, 2012

Obama (That Old Smoothie) Brings His Act to the Apollo

You would think "the hardest working man in politics®" would go for some James Brown, but it seems he's more of an Al Green type of guy:

You, you're so in love with me,
Whatever I do, you see,
Makes you go, "Yipee!"
'Cuz I make you feel I'm your friend
And, friend, I don't want that to end.

I'm sayin' people since,
Since we've been together,
Ooo, lovin' me forever
Is all you need.
Let me be the POTUS once again.
Everyone say "Ah, AMEN!"
So people, let's
Let's stay together.
Lovin' Barack whether, whether,
I am good or bad, sane or plum mad.

Why, please tell me why
Give me the heave-ho?
Why up and make me leave? Oh,
I still got lots to do.
You'd never do that to me.
I'll give you stuff, all for free.
So people let's, let's stay together,
I know you'll love me whether, whether,
I am dopey or smart, I've got your heart...

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