Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get Out Yer Teeny Tiny Violins for Gail Asper's Mausoleum Sob Story

In a letter published in the Canadian Jewish News, Gail "Daughter of Izzy" Asper invites us to feel her pain re her "human rights" mausoleum's financial travails:
In the article “Cash shortfall delays human rights museum” (Jan. 5), you note that the private sector’s fundraising goal for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was $150 million. When the federal government first expressed interest in making the museum a Crown corporation, it entered into an agreement in 2007 with the various stakeholders, including the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The Friends agreed to raise $105 million toward the construction and development costs. The commitment of the Friends was to deliver a cheque for $105 million by April 1, 2011. This is what the Friends did, so in fact, we met our goal of raising $105 million. Recently, when costs increased to $310 million, the museum asked the Friends to increase their goal from $105 million to $150 million. We have been steadily working on raising this amount and have raised an additional $25 million over our original goal, which in and of itself was viewed as quite ambitious.
We will continue to seek support from the private sector so that this federal Crown corporation can open as soon as possible. Happily, our donors continue to show unwavering support and are rising to the challenge. As we have said to our supporters, no one said this would be easy, and it probably explains why this is the only new national museum established in more than 45 years. While it is definitely not for the faint of heart, the good that this museum can do definitely makes it worth the effort.
No it doesn't. Not when you consider the festering offal that "human rights" (as exemplified by the UN's Zion-loathing "human rights" council and Canada's plethora of nutty "human rights" bodies) has become in our time. Clearly, the woman's desire to see her late, beloved papa's "dream" become a reality (more than anything else, it's a national public monument in memory of him) has made her delusional.

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