Saturday, January 28, 2012

When "Social Justice" Equals Zionhass

"Social justice" is a hot button item for TDSB educators—or should I say indoctrinators?—these days. And, hey, who could complain about wanting the moppets to have more empathy for the suffering of the less fortunate around the globe so that, in an fit of Kielburgerian frenzy, they'll be motivated to "tikkun olam" (that's "repair the world" for those unfamiliar with tribal parlance). But guess what you often get when "social justice" becomes your core doctrine? In two words: hate Israel. The National Post's Kathyn Blaze Carlson explains how it works here:
Rachel Adelman’s Israeli son never clicked with the traditional education system, so when the family moved to Canada, she was drawn to an alternative public school that promised an intimate setting where students could express themselves freely; a school “based on the principles of participatory democracy and social equity,” as the school advertised itself.
She learned soon enough, though, that those promises of open-mindedness and equality “sounded nice,” but that the reality in the hallways would nearly cost her son his sense of self.
Eitan, then 17 years old and described by his mother as shy, came home from his first day at Toronto’s Student School in a “state of dismay,” his mother said.
“He said, ‘Ima [Hebrew for mother], the walls of the school are plastered with posters saying Israel: Apartheid State,’ ” said Professor Adelman, who now teaches at the Harvard Divinity School, referring to flyers mounted by a pro-Palestinian student club.
At the first all-school assembly, the students were shown Occupation 101, a controversial film that has been accused of portraying Israel as equivalent to Apartheid-era South Africa. Prof. Adelman said the school’s administrator defended the showing, saying the school had a policy of allowing students to voice their ideological bents. Two months later, Eitan switched schools.
But The Student School is just one of several Canadian schools that have moved “social justice” education onto the timetable. In launching nine alternative academies last week, one of this country’s boldest education directors touted “social justice” education as a way for children to gain social status and self-esteem. Proponents also say the approach teaches tolerance and respect for diversity — that it grooms socially conscious students prepared to fight against injustices they see in their communities...
"Social justice" education is a way to insert leftist cant/recieved wisdom/utter bollocks directly into the brains of impressionable young'uns. Period. The only "self-esteem" it boosts is that of the indoctrinators. And they're already so full of themselves, and so persuaded of their own virtuousness (and the wickedness of anyone who does not agree with them) that more "self-esteem" is about the last thing they need.

TDSB Social Justice

Update: A few years ago, the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, that odious racket, announced plans to spew its ugly propaganda in High Schools (because when it comes to Zionhass, the younger the better). The Zionhass detailed in the NatPo article is a product of that effort.

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