Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lefty Jews Stuck in a 1930s Time Warp

Responding to the silly-billy who wrote an article contending that since Gingrich isn't an Alinsky fan, he must be an anti-Semite, Jonathan Tobin invites liberal Jews whose understanding of conservativism hasn't advanced an iota since FDR to wake up and smell the Zionhass:
[T]he whole argument is based on a fallacious assumption that most conservatives are closet anti-Semites who will vote for a candidate if they believe they are, in their hearts, against the Jews. This is, of course, an article of faith for many Jewish liberals whose heads are stuck in the politics of the 1930s when conservatism was associated with anti-Semites like Father Coughlin. While the vestiges of that old conservatism carry on in the person of paleo-con outliers such as Pat Buchanan and radical right-wingers who now support Ron Paul because of his negative attitude toward Israel, the rest of the GOP is nothing like that. Indeed, its evangelical and social conservative grass roots are largely comprised of ardent philo-Semites.
Yes, but that's only because they want to convert us all to their Jesus religion. (That's me channeling the typical Jewish lefty.)

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