Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Breastfeeding Dad a Controversial Issue"

Gee, ya think? From a "human rights" perspective, though, dude may have gotten in on the ground floor of a whole new--and it must be said, a totally unexpected though I suspect rather small--victim group: lactating paters. No doubt he'll be milking it (ba dam pum) for all it's worth.

(As an aside, I remember that when we were adopting our son 14 years ago, I was told that, if I really wanted to nurse him, there was a way to make it happen. Of course, it involved taking lots of hormones and doing uncomfortable things to my breasts. Needless to say, given that the adoption process was stressful enough, and that my son arrived a month early, so it was crucial to get nutrition into him a.s.a.p.--he weighed less than 4 1/2 lbs at birth--I was perfectly happy feeding him the fortified infant formula provided gratis by the hospital where he was born.)

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