Saturday, August 25, 2012

Propaganda Opportunities Past and Present: Hitler Had the Olympics, the Ayatollah Has NAM

And don't think he isn't making the most of it. Here's his PressTV crowing triumphantly about the significance of holding the confab in Tehran:
Iran’s hosting of the forthcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit signifies the support of the world’s sovereign nations for Tehran in defiance of the West’s campaign to isolate the Islamic Republic, a political analyst says.

In an article at Press TV website, international affairs analyst Finian Cunningham alluded to the escalating pressures by the US and its allies against Iran and noted, “In defiance of arm-twisting by Washington and its lynch mob, nations from Latin America, Africa and Asia are making their way to Tehran.”

“The poetic justice of the NAM summit is that the majority of the world is standing with Iran in the face of this aggression. Countries from as far as Mexico and Brazil to Indonesia and Malaysia are clearly saying that Iran has the right to develop on its own terms without interference or hegemonic spoiling,” he added.

Cunningham pointed to the West’s pressures against Iran’s nuclear energy program and pointed out, “In a world dominated by rogue states, the US, Britain and France and their illegal nuclear-powered attack dog, Israel, have the audacity to daily threaten Iran with military strikes and, by doing so, cast a shadow of annihilation on the rest of the world.”...
No doubt about it: this regime is every bit as diabolical and genocidal as Hitler's.

Update: UN Sec'y Gen Ban-Ki Moon could have told the Ayatollah to shove it but chose to toady himself instead.

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