Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hole-y Crap: Ottawa's Dyke March a "Friendly" Stroll in the Park?

Not so much, really:
Participants wore brightly coloured clothing and carried rainbow flags and, new to this year’s march, puppets depicting various female body parts, including the vagina.

The puppet project, known as the Hole-y Army, is led by Coral Short and Ariel Speedwagon of Brooklyn, New York. Short and Speedwagon brought approximately 100 textile puppets of all sizes and shapes, some decorated with bunny ears and feathers, to the Ottawa Dyke March.

“There’s a whole bunch of different bodies represented within those holes,” said Short. “We are just opening up the notion of what a dyke is because the queer communities are shifting and changing. We’re having a renaissance of queer...
A renaissance that apparently involves an obsession with/objectification of nether orifices and itsy-bitsy body parts--on sticks.

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