Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toronto Star Ignores a Thousand Seething Khomeinists Rallying at Queen's Park for Al Quds Day, Covers Handful Who Turn Out for the Rohingyas

Ro-who-yas? They're Muslims living in Burma, where they're being persecuted by Buddhists. Trust the Toronto Star, which gave the much larger Al Quds Day Queen's Park event the cold shoulder, to race to that rally in a flash:
About 100 people took part in Saturday’s rally, sharing tales of rape, beatings and house-burnings at the hands of Burma’s Buddhist majority. They lamented the lack of western media coverage of their plight. One called the Star’s front-page story this week “an anomaly.”

Tabasum Hussain, a rally participant who learned of the plight of the Rohingyas only a few weeks ago, said the silence on the issue is frightening.

“This place, Burma, is it of no geopolitical interest to the major global parties that are involved in the Middle East? Why is it just the Middle East attracting attention?” Hussain asked. “Thousands of people are being massacred in Burma: where is the condemnation? Where are the sanctions? Where are the calls for NATO troops to be flown in? Don’t these lives have any value?”

The demonstrators want Canada to press Burma to repeal a 1982 law that stripped Rohingyas of citizenship rights. They also want an independent investigation into the violence, a call echoed earlier this month by Tomas Ojea Quintana, the UN’s special envoy on human rights in Burma.
M'kay. Are they also looking to make Burma sharia-compliant (a question that the Star reporter neglected to pose)?

In a way, it's a good thing that the Star and its ilk didn't give the Khomeinists the free publicity they so desperately crave. That said, in the longer term I don't think "going ostrich" and ignoring the crazed Zion-loathers in our midst, and failing to comment on the craven way the government caved in to their demands, is in Canadians' best interest (to put it mildly).

Update: Muslims persecuted by non-Muslims is big news in the Star (in a "man bites dog" sort of way?). Search the paper for "Muslims persecuting Christians," though, and this is what you'll find--links to stories about Muslims being persecuted. Also, a link to the informed, completely unbiased thoughts of Toronto Star sage, Harpoon Siddiqui.

That about says it all re where the Toronto Star's head is at, ostrich-wise.

Update: A story you won't read in the Star--Ramadan: Islam's 'holy month' of Christian oppression.

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