Sunday, August 26, 2012

UCC Campsite: Shias Welcome But "Zionists" Need Not Apply?

It's so nice and accommodating of the famously Zion-loathing United Church of Canada to offer its camping facilities to Shia racket NASIMCO for a Mom 'n' Daughter Shia camping experience. (At this year's Queen's Park al Quds Days rally, the UCC got a shout out for its just-passed anti-Israel/pro-boycott resolution.) Knowing how tight the UCC is with Khomeinists, and the contempt with which they view Zionism (i.e. the right of Jews to govern themselves in their ancient, ancestral land), I have a hard time believing the UCC would extend the same courtesy to a Zionist organization looking for a cool place to hold a retreat.

Just sayin'.

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