Monday, August 20, 2012

The Beard Is a Red Herring, Or What's Really Behind the Delay in the Major Hasan Trial?

Arnold Ahlert argues that the kerfuffle re the jihadi's beard or lack thereof amounts to little more than a delaying tactic designed to benefit the sitting president in an election year:
Now let me tell what this case is about. It's about delay, delay, delay, until we are past the election in November. It's about an Obama administration that doesn't want any timely reminders being put in front of an American public about its willingness to view Islamic terrorism through a PC lens so thick that reality becomes the first casualty. The last thing this president needs during the next few months is a high profile trial during which all of the PC-inspired blindness that allowed Hasan to maintain his commission, even as he was becoming more and more radicalized, to be exposed. That includes the numerous email exchanges between Hasan and radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki intercepted by American intelligence agencies, who then proceeded to do nothing. That would be the same Anwar al-Awlaki who was executed by a predator drone, despite the fact that he was an American citizen, because the Obama administration concluded his Islamo-fascist worldview represented a mortal threat to our nation. 
In short, there is absolutely nothing about trying Nidal Hasan that accrues to the interest of this president or his administration--including that fact that Obama managed to wait almost two minutes during the middle of a press conference before mentioning the shooting. Higher on his priority list? A "shout out" to audience members who attended the Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Interior Department, and a pitch about the need to pass Obamacare. 
It doesn't get any more PC--or ideologically bankrupt--than that.

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