Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bizarre Thought Patterns of Zion-Loathing "Victim/Schmictim" Jews

Bruce Bawer, author of a new work on the bollixed-up world of "identity studies," describes the twisted (pathological?) thinking of one Judith Butler, mangler of prose, Queen of Queer Studies, and Zion-loathing Jewess. In so doing, he describes many such Jews (such as the ones who showed up to speak at the Queen's Park Al Quds Day hatefest on behalf of their buds, the Khomeinists):
Get this: (1) Butler identifies as an “anti-Zionist Jew.” (2) Back in the summer of 2010, while she was in Berlin to attend gay-pride events, she publicly embraced Hamas and Hezbollah as “progressive” organizations of the left and turned down an award from a gay group that she accused of “Islamophobia” for criticizing the Muslim gay-bashing. (3) Since then, Butler has publicly declared her fervent support for the “BDS” movement, which seeks to isolate Israel with boycotts, divestment, and sanctions.
Dear Zafar: Looking for a new Jewess to adorn the roster of speakers at your annual fiesta of Zionhass? I think we have just the gal!

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