Saturday, April 5, 2014

Abbas the Asp Stings Kerry the Chump

John Kerry is losing patience with the whole "peace process" process, so much so that he insists what's required is "a reality check." As this Commentary post points out, however, it is Kerry himself who is most in need of that sort of adjustment: his desire to make history by brokering a peace agreement (or, at least, to broker an agreement to, at some point in the future, reach an agreement) has resulted in his making some very bad choices, including greasing the heinous Abbas with unguents and balms and strong-arming the bothersome, stiff-necked Jews.

Kerry could have spared himself a lot of effort and angst had he understood this--the fact that Abbas speaks with a forked tongue, a.k.a. taqiyyah, and Kerry has allowed himself to be his willing chump.


Carlos Perera said...

Are infidels still allowed to say "taqiyyah" in Canada?

scaramouche said...

For now they are. Our "human rights" commissariats are probably itching to ban it, though.