Monday, April 28, 2014

Just in Time for This Year's Shoah Remembrance Day, Hamas Calls the Hitler-Sparked Pan-European Jewlimination Project a "Made-Up Story"

When in fact the real "made-up story" is that the Palestinians are "a people" and that "justice" demands that they be permitted to overrun Jewish Israel and expunge the planet's one and only sovereign Jewish nation. (FYI, I just spent the past two weeks there and will post about some of my experiences--including a brief interlude in Petra, Jordan--once the funk of jet lag has subsided to bearable levels.)

A genuine photo? Hamas would likely dispute it.

Update: Abu Mazen has decided that, for the sake of political expediency (and because he just signed a solidarity pact with jihadi Jewliminationists Hamas), now is an excellent time to do an about face re Holocaust denial; back in his college days, he had "Dr. Eviled" the number of murdered Jews, putting it at no more than one million.

Anyone with a shred of sentience buying this Palestinian "good cop/bad cop" Holocaust denial routine?

Update: Jonathan S. Tobin nails it when he writes
If the world thinks Abbas’s nice words about the Holocaust are more important than his pact with Hamas or even his personal embrace of the terrorist murderers who shed Jewish blood, then perhaps it is time to start worrying about a trend that appears to elevate Holocaust commemoration over and above any concern for Jews currently alive.
He is also spot on with this:
The sad truth is that the popularity of Holocaust commemoration—even on the part of many who are hostile to contemporary Jewish life—as well as the proliferation of Holocaust museums and memorials seems to reflect a preference for dead Jews over live ones. The irony is that the movement to promote Holocaust remembrance was largely born out of an effort to teach both Jews and non-Jews the perils of silence about anti-Semitism. The boom in Holocaust memorials started in the 1960s as the movements to promote freedom for Soviet Jewry and to protect the embattled State of Israel gained greater traction in the West. It was widely understood that the clich├ęd refrain of Holocaust memorial—“never again”—was not merely an expression of ex post facto outrage about the conduct of the Nazis but a pledge to fight for the freedom and the lives of the descendants of the survivors.
Yet as the dustup about Abbas’s words illustrates, Holocaust commemoration has now taken on a life of its own that is utterly disconnected from any actual concern about defending Jewish lives, let alone history. It is a good thing that Palestinian Arabs understand and respect Jewish history rather than deny it, as their media routinely does with respect to Jerusalem and other issues. A degree of honesty from Abbas about the way the Palestinian Arab leadership embraced Hitler might also be in order. But courtesies about the events of the 1940s do not outweigh efforts to deny legitimacy to Jewish rights let alone justify the embrace of those who shed Jewish blood in our own time. If Holocaust commemoration has evolved to a point where these factors are unimportant, then perhaps it is time for those of us who have worked so hard to make it part of the fabric of Western culture to rethink the impact of what we have accomplished. 
Update: Tablet magazine isn't buying Abbas's newly embraced Holocaust non-denial (even though the pathologically gullible New York Times considers it sincere).


Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, but as I've commented before _ad nauseam_ in this and other forums, kicking Hitler's corpse is a lot safer than fighting live genocidal anti-Semites in the here-and-now.

The principle, by the way, may be generalized to other feel-good "political" acts, like denouncing racism and "homophobia" in settings--college campuses come to mind--where no one would dare voice even the most nuanced racist or "homophobic" thought; so much so that such events must usually be manufactured out of whole cloth.

scaramouche said...

You're right about the "feel good" aspect of it all, CP. Holocaust commemoration can allow Zion-loathers to sob crocodile tears for dead Jews (who, being dead, are completely non-threatening) even as they connive via BDS and other efforts to bring about "justice," i.e. ending The Occupation (of Israel, by the Jews) for their pet underdogs, the Palestinians.