Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Islamic Charity IRFAN Joins Canada's Growing List of Official Terrorist Organizations

Charity begins at home--even as it aids and abets the jihad:
A Canadian organization that provided humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has been formally branded a terrorist entity days before the start of a court battle over the revocation of its charitable status. 
In a letter to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy, the RCMP said the federal government had added the group to a list of "terrorist entities" as of April 24.
"IRFAN is now classified as a 'terrorist group' under Canadian law," the letter from Supt. Stephane Bonin states. 
"As a consequence, any property or asset belonging to IRFAN is now frozen." 
The letter offers no reason for the listing decision but Canada Revenue Agency has said the organization supported Hamas, itself branded as a terrorist organization.
So has IRFAN Canada, the acronym for "International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy" Canada, got anything to say for itself?  Well, no. It seems its website "may have been hacked" and/or is  "under maintenance." If you'd like to get in touch with the alleged humaniterrorism racket you are asked to "contact us at our head office by phone (905) 897-8877 or email..."

Here's a bit more about IRFAN and its, ahem, charity work.

Update: More here:
Charities Branch mentioned in a statement that “our analysis of the audit information has led the CRA to believe that IRFAN-Canada provides support to Hamas.” Speaking about the charity group formed in 2008, which mostly worked in the Muslim world, it was added that “our findings indicate that IRFAN-Canada provided over $14.6-million in resources to operating partners that were run by officials of Hamas, openly supported and provided funding to Hamas, or have been listed by various jurisdictions because of their support for Hamas or other terrorist entities.” 
In addition to that, the CRA revealed that it found IRFAN-Canada videos at the group’s Mississauga office that “demonize Israel, characterize the Arab-Israeli conflict as a religious war, appeal for all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom.”
In other words, the usual wacky jihadist Zionhass.

Update: Back before the jig was up, the feds used to fund Islamist outfits that funded IRFAN:


Update: The RCMP raid on IRFAN's head office took the outfit by surprise. The outfit's lawyer is now a-fuming on his client's behalf:
No one for IRFAN was available to comment, but a lawyer speaking for the group condemned the listing as an attack on humanitarian support for Palestinians.
IRFAN did not know the terrorist listing was in the works and had no opportunity to respond or offer its side of the story, Ottawa-based lawyer Yavar Hameed said in an interview.
There's no evidence the group did any direct funding of Hamas, he said.
"This listing happens days before we are to present arguments for the first time to the Federal Court of Appeal, so we're very concerned about the timing with which this listing happens which completely undermines any ability for this organization to work as a charity," Hameed said.
"On its face, we believe it is an unfair and unconstitutional decision that has been taken."
Hameed also said the listing was a "nail in the coffin" for Canadian humanitarian support for "orphans and destitute" Palestinians and wondered if the decision was politically motivated.
Yeah, whatever will those poor orphans and destitute do now?

I'm surprised he didn't call the decision Islamophobic.

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