Saturday, April 5, 2014

Justin Trudeau's Skool of Internashinal Rilayshuns

He's a graduate, of course, as he proves here:
OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's questioning of the federal government's lack of "communication" with Iran's Islamist government has become a lightning rod for critics. 
Critics have zapped Trudeau for questioning Canada's 2012 decision to shut down the country's embassy in Tehran and expel Iranian diplomats in Ottawa. 
"I know certain elements of it were a security decision ... but I'm of the school of international relations that says its important to talk to each other and its especially important to talk to regimes that you disagree with and that disagree with you, and make sure that there is means of communication," Trudeau said March 21 in an interview with Salam Toronto — a Farsi-language newspaper for Canadians of Iranian heritage. 
A pro-democracy activist who fled Iran says Trudeau's comments don't sit well with many in her community. 
"If people like Justin Trudeau are going to promote dialogue, that's going to give the Islamic regime legitimacy and more power to oppress its people," Sayeh Hassan told QMI Agency Friday...
All the Liberal Jews are chomping at the bit to elect their man-boy, Justin, even though he's an imbecile who yearns to schmooze with mullahs. What fools these leftist Jews be!

Update: Pro-pot proponent/wannabe mullah schmoozer Justin sings Buffet:

Wasted away again in Ayatollahville.
Searchin' for a shred of dignitee-ee.
Some people claim that all the Joooos are to blame
But I know, not the ones who're for me...

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