Friday, April 4, 2014

Spinoza Knows

Remember that "Moses Supposes" number from the movie Singing in the Rain? I've adapted it in keeping with this, from Steynonline:

Suppose a Spinoza
Arose to oppose a
Contingent of bros pushing orthodoxy?
Spinoza he knows a
Free speech show exposes a
Woeful, gross label--it's his "blasphemy."

Update: More raging rhyming, this time a parody of an American song classic:
Why not speak blasphemy?
Can't you see
There's no free speech without it?
They hate how it's sounding:
"'Slamophobes" deserve a big pounding.
Climate dudes
Don't like your attitudes--
And right on cue
Say the problem is you.
So stifle your blasphemy.

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