Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CNN Worldview on Sickening Display in Headline "Kerry's Apartheid Remark Hits Pro-Israel Nerve"

As CNN sees it, only those foolish enough to be "pro-Israel" would be disturbed by Kerry's word choice. And, as everyone in the know knows, those sorts of people are soooo goddamned thin-skinned.
In fact, there's only one reason to deploy the "a" word re Israel and that is to brand it as such a morally depraved place, one which threatens mankind as a whole, that its continued existence cannot be countenanced.

If you'll recall, that's the excuse Hitler gave for wanting to rid the world of the blight of Jewry.
That Kerry fell into the trap of using a word so beloved of today's Amalekites shows how loathsome and stupid he is. That CNN has a greater problem with those whose "nerve" has been hit than with the apartheid calumny shows exactly where its bias lies (and I use that word in both senses--the placement one as well as the Pinocchio one).

Update: Greetings From Apartheidia

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