Monday, April 28, 2014

Mandela's Legacy: A South Africa So Awful That Desmond Tutu Says He's Glad His Pal Nelson Isn't Around to See It

Tutu tut-tuts what's become of the land under the leadership of Mandela's ANC successors:
His comments come as South Africa celebrates Freedom Day - a commemoration of the country's first post-apartheid elections which happened 20 years ago today.
Tutu, a close friend of Mandela and the de factor leader of the liberation movement in South Africa while he was in prison, was left out of Mandela’s funeral programme by the ANC, and almost not invited at all.
Tutu has already made it clear he will not be voting for the ANC in South Africa’s elections next month - the first since Mandela’s death.
Going by the CNN International promos for South Africa I saw on TV while in Israel, though, you would think that the country practically verges on the utopian. In this instance, however, I'm prepared to believe Tutu over the Turner Co., even though Tutu, a notorious Zion-loather, is invariably too too wrong about Israel.

Update: Another too too delusional public figure who, if possible, out-Tutus Tutu in his hurling of the "apartheid" canard: Obama factotum John F. Kerry.

Update: My experience of "apartheid" in Israel: Arab and Jewish guests sharing quarters and meals with no separation whatsoever at a pricy Dead Sea resort; Jews and Arabs mingling on the streets of Acco (Acre), Jerusalem and many other places; a night time adventure in Eilat during which three Jews (me, my husband and our son) shared a Jeep with three Muslim Israelis (a woman and her two much younger male cousins) and had a hair-raising ride into the Negev desert. The Arabs, by the way, sat in front of the Jews. (It was somewhat embarrassing when my husband asked one of the young men what position he held in the Israeli army. Also when, at one point I fell out of the Jeep and onto my cabooty--but that's a story for another day.

If that's how "apartheid" pans out in Israel (and it is), it's obvious Israelis have yet to get the hang of the thing.

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