Sunday, April 6, 2014

Parents of Renn, a Gender-Fluid Tot, Want to Do Away With Male/Female Designation on Birth Certificates

Categorizing people as "male" or "female" is so passé, they say. Even worse, it's an affront to their "daughter's" "human rights":
Renn Forsberg's family says that, in her heart and in her brain, their six-year-old is a girl.  
They want her birth certificate to reflect that. 
Better yet, they argue, the sex box now marked with an 'M' should be removed from the document altogether. 
The Saskatchewan family has filed one of several human rights complaints across the country that are prompting some provinces to rethink their rules about changing sex on birth certificates. 
Renn's mother, Fran Forsberg, says governments need to keep up with changing times. Birth certificates once listed a baby's race and a father's occupation, she says, and a sex designation is just as archaic. 
Forsberg says Renn needed her birth certificate last year to register for kindergarten in Saskatoon and was embarrassed to be listed as a boy. That sparked her family to fight for a new birth certificate, a basic piece of paper needed to apply for most identification documents...
Okay, how's this for a solution? Instead of the "archaic" male and female boxes, why not offer the choice of "male," "female," "transgendered (now female)," "transgendered (now male)" and "none of the above"?


ButchCountry said...

I'm neither for or against keeping or removing gender from birth certificates, personally I feel it is up to an individual to decide how they wish to present themselves. If a female portrays herself as male , I respect that and treat her as a guy , same goes if a man portrays himself as female, I respect that and will treat him as a lady, and use him/her accordingly.

what I find amusing is how you suggested putting transgendered on a birth certificate, why? for what purpose? to label someone? to out them? to shame them? why?

scaramouche said...

Not to shame them. To give them an option that would not remove our option to identify as either male or female.

ButchCountry said...

I can understand not wanting to lose your option to identify on paper which ever gender you are, kinda feels like giving up a right?

How about an easier solution, keep the gender identity on all the birth certificates in every province, but provide a provision or an option to switch the stated gender at any time , let's say with at least 2 doctors (1 in psychiatry, the other a GP) letters stating that a the wrong gender was put on the certificate at birth.

do you have any idea just how hard it is to legally change your gender identity now? how hard it is to prove you are medically transgendered? it is not as simple as putting on a dress or ball cap and renaming yourself, medically it is tough as it should be, socially , transgendered are often seen and treated as bad as the jews were in nazi germany, no shit, its okay to beat a transgendered person because chances are no one will miss them anyway, you say mtf transgendered and most people think of a male pervert dressing as a female so he can gawk at the real women in change rooms , say ftm and most think a butch dyke who dresses like a man to get the hapless straight women, neither is true, but that is societies view, btw many in the gay/lesbian community also shun transgendered folks.