Friday, September 16, 2016

CBC Victim Group Du Jour: Polyamorists

Society is so unfair to those in the throes of a polyamorous relationship, says a chick in the throes of such a relationship. As she explains to a receptive CBC reporter:
"About 3½ years ago we made the decision to open up our marriage and we each have additional partners. I have a male partner who lives in England and my husband has a female partner who lives here with us," Ouellette told CBC News at her home in northern Alberta, "There is a choice, other than cheating or serial monogamy and multiple divorces or failed relationships." 
However, after two children and 22 years of being happily married, Ouellette and her husband have started talking about divorce as a way to accommodate their new family.
"I don't want to have to divorce my husband in order to marry my partner so that we can be in one country together — but we have discussed it," she said. 
But divorce wouldn't solve other legal issues unique to polyamorous families.
I especially liked this part (which is supposed to elicit sympathy but only made me chortle):
"My husband's partner is going to school and we're paying for her schooling and you know we don't get to claim her tuition or books and my husband doesn't get to claim her as a dependent even though we're supporting her," Ouellette said. 
Yeah, that is tough.

I know--maybe you could both adopt her. ;)

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