Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Venomous Jew-Hate Is Killing the UN

Jew-hate, as we know, is a pathogen which inevitably destroys its host. Case in point: the UN, which has welcomed a variety of Zion-despising NGOs into its precincts. Here's Anne Bayefsky on the topic:
The United Nations was founded as a global pact among states, but over the decades in the name of transparency and to further the aim of globalization, it has opened its doors to more than 6,150 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). While governments wring their hands over incitement to terror and dangerous uses of social media, they ignore the alarming focal point within arms’ reach: the United Nations. An examination of U.N. NGOs reveals that the U.N. has handed a global megaphone to groups spreading hatred and inciting terror from the world stage. In short, the so-called representatives of “civil society” aren’t so civil after all.

In theory, the U.N. has processes for accreditation that share a common requirement: respect for the purposes and principles of the organization. In order to qualify for accreditation, NGOs must operate in conformity with, or promote, the U.N Charter. They must affirm “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

In practice, NGOs have been welcomed into the world of international diplomacy and have gained access to international media platforms while they are simultaneously betraying the core U.N mission by advocating terror and intolerance.

Most striking for an organization founded on the ashes of the Holocaust, the U.N. has accredited NGOs that play a central role in promoting modern anti-Semitism and encouraging the destruction of the Jewish state.
In so doing, the UN has signed its own death warrant.


Earl said...

The UN has long been a satrapy of the OIC. Full stop. Non-debatable. Judenhass suffuses the place.

/and that current inbred mohammedan UNHRC thingie is the direct, lineal descendent of Canada's very own Louise al-Bour...

scaramouche said...

There once was a judge named Louise
Who knew how to coddle and please.
While at the UN
She did it again
But failed to bring Joooos to their knees.