Monday, September 12, 2016

Supremacism Signalling In Oakville?

Some would consider this--a seminar devoted to shariah-compliant investing--to be a function of stealth jihad. Others, of course, would view it as being nothing more than a vibrant pebble in our glorious multiculti mosaic. Here's the pitch; you be the judge:
There are over 1 million Muslims in Canada, about 3.2% of the population. Yet, very few investment options are available through the banks that are Shariah compliant. 
In this seminar, you will learn how a world of investment opportunities exist, while adhering to Islamic Principles.

When dealing with a bank a lot of the focus is put on buying and holding a mutual fund, many of which don't abide by Islamic Principles. For this reason, many Muslim investors not only don't invest but don't focus on their overall financial planning.

This seminar is to share with you not just Shariah principles but also how to take control of your finances through a detailed financial plan and tax analysis...
How to "take control," eh?

I guess only a flagrant "Islamophobe" would read anything into that.

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