Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's HE Been Smoking?

Doobie dummy Justin Trudeau says the Syrians he's been importing are "doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs." The facts, of course, belie this claim:
In a conversation with Ratna Omidvar, Executive Director of Global Diversity Exchange, at the 2016 Cities of Migration Conference in Toronto on March 2, 2016 (the video was published on YouTube on April 7, 2016), [Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister] John McCallum said that all Canadians are asked to help the government integrate the Syrian refugees in society. 
He explained that the government – assisted Syrian refugees are the most vulnerable group of people, because on average they don’t speak the official languages in Canada, have “little education”, have “many many many many children”, have never been on an airplane and came from “a very vulnerable background.”

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Frances said...

M Trudeau may be correct about the Christian Syrians, but we're not letting them in. The Muslim Syrians are already causing problems down East.