Sunday, September 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau Has an "Awkward Moment" With Little Prince George

Way to go, George:
This is the awkward moment Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is left hanging by Prince George after going for a high-five.  
Superstar politician Mr Trudeau might have endeared himself to millions online through his outspoken feminism, support for diversity and willingness to embrace internet memes, but it seems it takes more than that to impress Will and Kate's eldest.
I know how he feels.

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Frances said...

Prince George is three - as in "the worse threes" (after the "terrible twos). One treads cautiously with young'uns of that age. As a grandparent, I have always endeavoured to respect the wishes and feelings of the grandbrats. Not that I won't call them on misbehaviour; it's more that I let them set the tone of our various interactions (more or less: hitting is definitely out).

Our PM was definitely NOT respecting young Prince George's wishes or feelings. From all accounts, the young lad has a shy streak and so would not want a stranger to come up that close. Good for Prince George!!