Friday, September 30, 2016

Sick. En. Ing

Barack Obama uses the occasion of Shimon Peres's funeral to lecture the Jews on Zionism and his belief that the way to "protect" it is by green-lighting the terrorist statelet of "Palestine".

Update: Peres was an appeaser, not a peace-maker.

Update: Jonathan S. Tobin gets it right when he notes that Peres's death--and his reputation as Israel's "last" peacemaker--is being used as a weapon with which to bludgeon Netanyahu:
The tone of many of the tributes being heard or published outside of Israel about the passing of Shimon Peres have focused almost entirely on his advocacy for peace. As a column by the New York Times’ Roger Cohen demonstrates, a lot of the honor being heaped on his reputation is intended as a criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—and, implicitly, on the majority of Israeli voters who continue to reject idealistic if naïve belief that optimism about Palestinian intentions or even that of Iran should dictate the Jewish state’s policy choices. Many of those lauding Peres are telling us that, in burying Peres, Israelis are not just saying goodbye to the last of their founding fathers but to the very idea of peace.
This is wrong, not because Peres’s ideals are unworthy of praise, but because it is possible to think well of a man even if the actions for which he is most remembered were a disaster. While both Israelis and Americans are united in mourning Peres, most of the former are paying homage to him in spite of his role as the principal architect of the Oslo Peace Accords; not because of them.
Update: White House wishful thinking--crossing out Israel for all to see:

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