Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Jewish Voters Are in Love With Hillary's Pragmatism"

Her what?

Oh, you mean the "pragmatism" she demonstrated in, say, Benghazi? The "pragmatism" of her involvement with the horrifyingly corrupt Clinton Foundation? The "pragmatism" of her Foggy Bottom emails M.O.? The "pragmatism" of her incessant and compulsive lying?

Three words to describe those Jews who are smitten with these and other displays of Hillary's "pragmatism": sh*t for brains.

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SenatorMark4 said...

I have a little story about "Betting on Hillary" in my, free to Amazon Prime, eBook. All true, from the National Naval Medical, isn't that where she belongs now?
Chpt5"First, the FIRST"

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