Thursday, September 29, 2016

Donald J. Trump Is a Holocaust Denier!

In fact, he's no such thing. But that's what one infers from this:
The infamous Lipstadt-Irving libel battle gets a trim new David Hare film adaptation starring Rachel Weisz—just in time for the rise of Trump
Just in time for the rise of Trump, eh?

Has the Tablet scribbler mistaken the Donald for the Ayatollah, perhaps?

Nope. The latter never merits so much as a mention. Instead, the scribbler attempts to jerry-rig a connection between Trump and Holocaust denying historian David Irving in this cockamamie fashion:
Trump’s mendacity, in totality, may not be as morally hideous as Irving’s. His impulsive, indiscriminate lies are expressed not in the service of any discernable ideological agenda but rather his own personal advancement. Irving, meanwhile, carefully and painstakingly strung together a series of small, deceptively innocuous lies to advance a broad, wicked one: a conspiracy theory exonerating the most ruthless and depraved regime in human history. But if Trump’s lies are less heinous than those of Irving, he makes up for it with influence and power. Irving, after all, was widely discredited by the time he decided to sue Lipstadt, unable to find a publisher for his books, and reduced to delivering lectures at the Tampa Bay Best Western. Donald Trump is just a few mediocre debate performances and a financial crisis away from becoming the most powerful man on Earth.
Even though one could say exactly the same of Hillary Clinton--that her mendacity, in totality, may not be as morally hideous as Irving's and that her impulsive, indiscriminate lies are expressed solely for her own personal advancement--one would never try to link her to Irving, for that would be quite mad.

That said, there's no denying that, thanks to Barack Obama, the POTUS now doing his utmost to get Mrs. Clinton elected, the Grandiose Holocaust-denier in Tehran is currently sitting pretty and beavering away on his own plans--nuclear ones--for launching the final Final Solution.

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