Thursday, June 8, 2017

Syrian Refugee Knifes, Kills Psychologist in Germany

The psychologist worked with traumatized refugees at a Red Cross therapy and counselling centre, where the killing occurred.

Don't worry, though. Police ruled out terrorism lickety split, so the killer was probably just one of those mentally discombobulated—and not one of the jihadi—refugees.

Update: Hmm. I wonder which category, crazy or jihadi, this guy falls into:
The Islamist terrorist who attacked a police officer outside the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Tuesday was an award-winning journalist who previously worked as freelancer for Swedish public radio, Swedish media outlets reported on Wednesday. 
The suspect in the attack, 40-year-old Algerian-born Farid Ikken, is said to have moved to Sweden in 2004 after marrying a Swedish woman. 
On Tuesday afternoon, Ikken charged with a hammer at a police officer on patrol outside the iconic Paris cathedral. He was also, according to reports, carrying two knives. As he battered the officer, he shouted, “This is for Syria!” An armed police officer who was also in the area then fired two shots at Ikken, who was wounded and is currently being treated at a hospital.

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