Monday, June 5, 2017

Tariq Ramadan's Weasely Disinformation Campaign

The grandson of the man who co-founder the Muslim Brotherhood wants us to know that the "root cause" of terrorism isn't the jihad (a word he doesn't even mention). It's the West's "destabilizing" shenanigans in Muslim countries. Also to blame: the ongoing "oppression" of Palestinians.

And, of course, he wants you to know that the "real" victims du jour aren't the infidels (again, my word, not his) being murdered by jihadis (nope, he doesn't say that one either) in places like London and Manchester. It's the Muslims living in those places who are being targeted for hate crimes.

It takes a special sort of sang froid to shovel this crapola in the wake of recent jihadi antics in the UK, but Ramadan has proven that, when it comes to being an apologist for Islamic supremacism, he's got ice crystals in his veins.

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