Sunday, June 11, 2017

UK Police Release Photos of London Jihadis' DIY--and Bogus--Bomb Belts

From close up, they look absurd, because they're made--very badly, like some sort of jihadi elementary school science project--out of duct tape and water bottles. From a distance, though, and especially in the middle of a terrorist attack, they look genuine enough to engender "maximum fear"--which is exactly what they did.

The lesson here: you don't need high tech gadgetry to wreak maximum havoc. All you need is a rented van, some supplies you can find in any hardware store, and, of course, the will to wage jihad on unsuspecting infidels.

Update: Speaking of low tech, the jihadi who attacked police at Notre Dame Cathedral (he's said to be one of those "lone wolves," and a "novice," to boot) used a hammer.

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