Monday, June 19, 2017

Invanka's Hubby Races to Israel to Kick Start Latest Round of Pointless "Peace" Talks

The Peace In Our Time in Our Time derangement (which never brings any actual peace but almost invariably results in lots and lots of Jews being offed by angry, warlike Palestinians) is no easier to swallow when it comes from a Republican White House than when it's the work of the Democrats.


Harold said...

Another waster of time and effort.
From Palestinian Media Watch:

The Palestinian Authority has named yet another square after a terrorist. The newly inaugurated "Martyr Khaled Nazzal Square," is named after the terror leader who planned the attack that led to the murder of 22 children and 4 adults in the Ma'alot Massacre on May 15, 1974. This is just the latest example of the PA's relentless glorification of terrorists.

scaramouche said...

Kushner's "qualifications" for the job: he's married to Trump's favorite child; he's Jewish.

Another recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Marvin said...

At least Kushner is not John Kerry. A dead tree limb floating down a river would be better than John Kerry is at anything.