Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NCCM "Community Organizer"/Fundraiser: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Leila Almawy, "a community organizer and documentary filmmaker based in London, Ontario," sent out the following appeal on behalf of the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN(and currently knows as the NCCM; hat tip MW):
Hello Friends: 
These past few days have been heavy and trying for the Muslim communities across the world - Grenfell, Nabra, the UK Mosque ploughing by a white supremacist. It's getting increasingly difficult to navigate through spaces as a Muslim, constantly watching your back, never knowing if you or someone you love will be next. 
If you're looking for a way to help, to be an ally, you can donate to the NCCM - National Council of Canadian Muslims so that they can continue to expand their reach to defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes, to engage policymakers on critical issues, to train new community leaders in advocacy, and to build more channels for civic engagement. 
NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the human rights & civil liberties of Canadian Muslims (and by extension of all Canadians), promoting their public interests and challenging Islamophobia and other forms of xenophobia. 
Take action now. 
Please consider donating to my team 'Agents of Change' by going to and selecting my team name... 
And lastly, please share this far and wide. 
Leila Almawy
"Defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes"; "build more channels for civic engagement"; challenge "Islamophobia and others forms of xenophobia": community organizer Leila and her "Agents of Change" team sound freaking pretty awesome, don't they?

But maybe we should check and see what else Leila is saying--say, on her Twitter feed.

For instance, this:
So pardon my rage (or don't) when I say screw the & & & . Either way, idgaf. With love & rage, Leila
Wow, that doesn't sound very civically engaging. In fact, it sounds downright hateful, bigoted, xenophobic and potty-mouthed to me.

Go figure, huh?

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gama said...

One wonders if potty-mouth Leila Almawy gargles with eau-de-toilet ~!?!