Thursday, June 8, 2017

How Many Jihadis are Marrying Their Way Into the West?

That's a question we should be asking in light of the fact that one of the London Bridge terrorists appears to have done just that:
Shortly after their wedding in Dublin, Rachid is said to have returned to Morocco while his 33-year-old wife went back to London. 
She visited him in north Africa and said on Facebook that Casablanca was one of her favourite place - but it appears he hid his true violent and controlling nature until he had secure the right to live in the UK through her. 
Despite living apart the Irish authorities insisted their marriage was a genuine one and not to 'secure residency in this jurisdiction', a source told The Times. 
But an inquiry has now been launched to establish if Redouane duped his wife and wed her for immigration reasons.
Sounds to me like Irish authorities were more concerned about being accused of Islamophobia than they were about doing their job.

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