Saturday, June 24, 2017

"We Are Not Here Not Against Jews or Any Faith. We Are Against the Zionists"

A Calgary Zion-loather recites the Al Qud Day credo for a credulous CBC reporter, who laps it up, no questions asked about its Khomeinist provenance and exterminationist aims, of course. (An FYI for the credulous: when an overheated Khomeinist claims that it's not about the Jews, it's about the Jews.) And, of course, this being a Ceeb story, Muslims must be made out to be the victims:
More events will be held in Calgary on the weekend which are expected to cause tensions in the community. 
On Saturday, a rally called We Stand United in One Love Canada is set for 12 p.m. at city hall. 
And later on Saturday, at 5:30 p.m., the Calgary Anti-Oppression Interfaith Rally will also take place at city hall. 
An anti-Islam group, the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) has been advertising an event on Facebook for Saturday afternoon at Olympic Plaza, dubbing it the Patriotic Unity Mega Festival. 
But Calgary Recreation denied its application for a special event permit, "on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful," the city told the group in a written response. 
Despite the rejection, a spokesman for the group said it will hold a peaceful march starting at Olympic Plaza Sunday afternoon. 
Community activist Saima Jamal says she's been warning local Muslims to stay away from the core on Sunday, not out of fear for their safety but to avoid running into this group. 
She said she was worried that people might "get traumatized, get provoked or hear some racist remarks or see images that are very, very demeaning towards Islam and Muslims."
Please note that the anti-Islam group's application was denied (and the group publicly branded as "hateful") but the Zion loathers' seethe-a-thon (during which plenty of provocative, demeaning, hateful and exterminationist things were said about the world's one and only Jewish state) went off without a hitch, as it does every year.

That's Canadian "diversity" for you.

Update: The duplicity and hypocrisy of the media and Calgary city officials (who, more than anything, want to serve and protect Muslims, but not Jews) is unpacked--and eviscerated--here:

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