Saturday, June 10, 2017

Denial On the Menu at First Ever "Fast In the 6"

"Thousands" of diversity-lovers are said to have shown up for last night's event held in front of Toronto City Hall," a first-of-its-kind celebration that organizers hope becomes an annual event." And, boy, were they ever high-fiving each other re the awesomeness of what no one there would dare admit was a supremacist religion which, in our time, has given rise to urban violence of the most horrific kind.

No, such truths were most definitely not on the menu at this love-in:
There was music, food, and special appearances by Mayor John Tory and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland for the Fast in the 6 event in Nathan Phillips Square, which celebrated the breaking of the Ramadan fast. 
The evening was spearheaded by Toronto philanthropists Dany and Lisa Assaf, who say it took a year to plan, and initially started with the notion of hosting a Ramadan dinner in their backyard. 
"Part of the practice of Ramadan is to break your fast with friends, family, and enjoy food — and we thought, wouldn't it be great if we could do that for the whole city? Clearly our backyard's not big enough," Lisa Assaf said with a laugh...
Dany Assaf said part of the motivation for the event was to "change the channel" on negative portrayals of Muslims and Islam.
"We just wanted to share a great message of diversity and inclusion," he said.
This diversity, Tory echoed, is what sets Toronto apart from the rest of the world. 
"We're not perfect, but [there is] a lot to be said about how we live together here," he said. 
Were I a devotee of jihad, those are precisely the words that might encourage me to do something drastic. And the mayor's smug assurances aside, "diversity and inclusion" are concepts that never made it into Islam's holy writ.

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