Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Caroline Glick Asks, "Why Is the American Jewish Community Allying With the Movement to Annihilate Israel?

Great question. The problem is that the American Jewish Community, by and large, is Democratic/lefty to the max, and that Israel is a major disappointment since it, by and large, has rejected the American Jews' worldview in order to survive the existential threats to Israel's existence.

It also doesn't help when Donniel Hartman, of Israel's Shalom Hartman Institute, shows up in the States and says stuff like this:
“It’s a prayer that North American Jews won’t walk away despite the fact that Israel insults you every single day, that you’ll stay long enough to fight for the Israel you want.”
Talk about damning the Jewish state with faint praise. Why would North American Jews want to "stay" with Israel when it "insults" us "every single day"? In the face of such "insults," why would these Jews even stick around when there's no guarantee that Israel will ever conform to "the Israel you want," the Palestinian-embracing Jewtopia that's a figment of the progressives' perfervid dreams? Meanwhile and most conveniently, of course, the sage ignores the slings and arrows of which Ms. Glick speaks.

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