Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sort of Takes All the Fun Out of Halloween Dress Up, No?

There's no doubt that, these days, the party poopers are in charge and a-ragin':
Post-secondary institutions are also taking up the cause: at the University of Toronto, plans are in motion for a social media campaign during the week leading up to Halloween that addresses not only what costumes should be avoided, but why. 
"I think when going into these conversations ... one thing that's missing from a lot of this discourse is the emphasis on empathy," said Chimwe Alao, the vice president of equity with the U of T Students' Union. 
Ignite, the association representing Humber and Guelph-Humber college students, has posted a list of rules online and says security officers will pre-screen costumes prior to the school's upcoming Halloween party. 
"Regardless of how well-intentioned your costume may be, it can still perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmas. Cultural costumes will not be permitted into the event; this is a zero-tolerance policy," the rules read.
To be clear, the following costumes are not permitted:
Aboriginal costumes at Spirit Halloween, Winnipeg
These head coverings, however, will likely pass muster:

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