Sunday, October 8, 2017

Question: Where are the Outraged Feminists in Pussy Hats Who Feel Compelled to Protest Harvey Weinstein's Decades of Revoltingly Sexist Antics?

Answer: they are nowheresville, of course. 

Mark Steyn sums it up like this:
The biggest movie news this week was the disclosure that Harvey Weinstein, the man behind some of the most critically admired films of the past three decades, is a boorish misogynist predator who demands actresses, TV anchorettes and female employees massage him, shower with him, or, if all else fails, watch him masturbate into a pot plant. A longtime Clinton-Obama supporter, he's blaming it on a vast right-wing conspiracy, possibly hiding behind the pot plant, and has said he's going to focus on taking down the NRA (by forcing them to watch him masturbate, which is more than most arms could bear). It's fascinating to see that the same people who demand two-century-old statues conform to the mores of 2017 are entirely relaxed when powerful flesh-and-blood Hillary donors decline to do so.
Fascinating: indeed.

Pretty sickening, too.

Update: Women in Hollywood criticised for “deafening silence” over Harvey Weinstein sex harassment scandal

Lena Dunham is one of the few who has spoken out. (She's also probably one of the few who hasn't been hit on by Harvey.)

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