Saturday, October 28, 2017

"So the G Man Briefed the Pee Man"

Oh, Mr. Steyn, you slay me!

Update: Then again, two things can be true at the same time. One: for the purposes of subverting the Trump candidacy, the DNC and the Clinton campaign jumped into a festering swamp full of Russian doo doo. Two: Trump's a--now how did his own Secretary of State so eloquently put it?--oh, yeah, a moron. With an overinflated ego. Who thrives on adulation and lashes out like a crybaby and a bully in its absence, and who forces supporters/enablers to worship him as though he were a combo of Louis IV, the Sun King, and Jesus H. Christ, ie. God.

Re Trump's enablers, a non-Trumpian writes:
Which brings us to the enabling. Everyone understands Trump can’t help himself. The rest of us, therefore, should make allowances for that and not provoke him. “You should have known Dad would fly off the handle!” So Trump is held to one standard and everyone else to another. Ted Cruz is right that the Republicans have work to do. But who has taken his eye off the ball more than anyone else in Washington? Hint: It’s not Jeff Flake, it’s not Bob Corker, and it’s not Ben Sasse. It’s most emphatically not Mitch McConnell, who gave Trump his biggest win — Justice Gorsuch — and who is doing yeoman’s work to get conservatives on the lower courts.  
It’s the guy who’d rather fight Gold Star families and rant about the NFL. It’s the guy who talks about revoking licenses for the press and talks about Confederate generals as “our heritage.” But just as there’s no reasoning with Dad when he gets into the Dewar’s, there’s no talking Trump out of his Twitter when he gets into one of his “moods.” Just as there’s no reasoning with Dad when he gets into the Dewar’s, there’s no talking Trump out of his Twitter when he gets into one of his ‘moods.’  
And, finally, there’s the fact that, like Trump, many of these people don’t care about policy either. As Michael Brendan Dougherty recently pointed out, the culture-war spats and nasty personal fights are to a very real extent Trump’s true agenda, or at least it’s what people who love the Trump Show love about the Trump Show. Where does this end? I don’t know. But I do know that political parties and ideological movements are defined every bit as much by what they say as what they do. The rhetoric yields the reality. And I for one think it’s worth pushing back against the forces that think the best way to win over voters — and the president — is for goonish felons to talk, however coded, about what a big d**k the president has.
Who cares about the size of his d**k? Even if it's cobra-esque, it hardly compensates for his other manifold shortcomings. 


DeeBee9 said...

But, yet, I keep coming back to the same question: Who, among the many people running for President in the last election, would have rolled back so much of the Obama damage? Romney? Jeb Bush? McCain? Not a chance. Maybe Walker but if he couldn't stand the heat of the primary how much fight would he have shown under the constant Democrat/media assault?

scaramouche said...

For sure there's a "constant Democrat/media assault." But there's also a segment of the media that is pro-Trump is a sickeningly sycophantic way.

As for the supposed roll backs--what, aside from putting a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, has Trump accomplished? "Repeal and replace"? Not so much? "Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it"? Nope. Ditch the Iran deal? He threw that puppy back to Congress. Tax reform? Soon to be D.O.A., I predict.

Sorry, but in the words of another Canadian, that don't impress me much.