Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Harvey Weinstein May Be the Central-Casting Version of a Hollywood Predator, But He Was Just One Festering Pustule In a Diseased Industry"

Sarah Polley, who had her own run-in with the pustule a decade ago, sums it all up.

Update: Until his downfall, Weinstein had the backing of the rich and powerful in both the fashion and the political sectors. Re the former, the New Times has a piece on Weinstein's cozy relationships in the fashion biz (including the not-so-shocking info that he used to pressure his female stars to wear his wife's fancy-shmancy gowns--she's the co-founder of the Marquesa label--on Oscar and Emmy red carpets). As for Weinstein's political associations, Maureen Dowd offers this instructive anecdote:
[Former Hollywood Reporter editor Janice] Min recalled attending the $400,000 speech Barack Obama made as an ex-president to an A&E Networks advertising upfront at the Pierre hotel in New York in April. 
“Afterwards, amid rapturous applause, he walks right over to Harvey Weinstein and gives Harvey a hug,” Min said. “You can see the optics of it all. It makes your head explode if you think of the inability to explode the male network.”
Actually, it makes your head explode if you think about how Weinstein was able to buy his way into the uppermost echelon of the Democratic Party. And, if you happened to be on the receiving end of Harvey's unwanted advances, the sight of Harvey embracing Saint Obama must have underscored how futile it was to complain about them.


Unknown said...

Weinsteins biggest problem is not that Hollywood found out about him, H has known for ages, the problem is WE found out so now Hollywood must act as though this is a new revelation to them. BS. As for Hillary she's now being castigated (rightfully) again because of her hypocracy claiming she give a damn about women expecting us to forget the way she maligned the women abused by hubby slick Willy. And her adoration of Harvey W.

Unknown said...

No trick at all for HW to get into Clinton' inner circle, after all he's one of them! Check out the people the Clinton's associate with privately. Not many there you would invite to your dinner table.